My name is Lucy. I am a Counsellor and Focusing-Oriented Therapist.

My engagement in the field of psychological and physical health spans more than twenty years and I profoundly believe in the healing power of listening and of feeling truly heard.

I have been offering one-to-one therapy through my private practice since April 2015.

The way I bring myself to my client work is underlined by my appreciation of the importance of meeting each person as a unique individual.

My roots

My background in complementary therapy has given me a deep respect for the relationship between the mind and the body. I listen out for this relationship across my work. In the Focusing and Focusing-Oriented Therapy sessions I invite you to join me in this special kind of listening.

I have worked from The Tom Allen Centre, the renowned Counselling service in central Glasgow and for the NHS at The Homeopathic Hospital, Glasgow, where I continue as a remote counsellor, offering sessions by phone. I offer one-to-one sessions through my private practice.

From the comfort of your own home or office

What distinguishes the service that I offer from face to face sessions is that it can be accessed from the comfort of your own environment at a time that is convenient to you. This can be useful for people who can’t easily travel to and from sessions, or for those who are interested in having a greater choice of therapists that reaches far beyond their locality.

My work is supervised in accordance with the BACP ethical framework for good practice, by supervisors who are themselves accountable to the same regulating body. They act as an extra layer of support and insight for the work we do together, and serve to support me in my commitment to providing a service that is safe, ethical, and effective.

A person-centred approach

Here I share with you a bit about the approach that informs the way I work. This holds true across the board of what I offer.

We come in to a world that can sometimes fail to meet our fundamental human need for meaningful connection and attuned support.

The kind of presence and the quality of listening that is practiced in a truly Person-Centred way of working, aims to create a space in the context of a therapeutic relationship in which you feel safe enough to express and to explore how you experience life from the inside out.

When we feel fully heard and understood we are then able to hear and understand ourselves more deeply.

Relationships have tremendous power to heal or to harm. When they are clear, full of presence, and untroubled, we can feel affirmed and supported for the person we already are. When these clear flows of communication are blocked for some reason, we can find ourselves feeling alienated by the blindness of another’s unseeing gaze, or disturbed by experiencing ourselves through the distorted lens of another’s judgment. Then we may find we need to seek out someone that can help us to find out or to remember who we really are. One that can help to provide us with the support we need to identify where we are stuck and to grow through and beyond our limitations.

It is my intention to be that person for you.


Right from the start I felt I was in safe hands with Lucy. I never knew what would come up for me. I was repeatedly amazed by the depth and gentleness of those sessions. It felt like with every one I got an extra piece back of myself. 

Client Testimonial 


Through this process of self-discovery and what I sometimes call ‘self-recovery’ you may find yourself over time feeling more resilient and balanced, with the resources you need to engage authentically with any aspect of your life.