Counselling & Focusing-Oriented Therapy

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.

Carl R. Rogers



I offer a space in which issues that may be causing you concern or distress can be explored together within the supportive context of a safe and confidential relationship.

Sometimes we don’t know what we are experiencing. Often no one takes the time to really listen to us and we often don’t actually listen to ourselves at a deep level.

Over time we can find ourselves locked in to patterns that  alienate us from ourselves and from others and leave us feeling out of balance, vulnerable or disconnected.

Focusing-Oriented Therapy  has its roots in the Person-Centred approach and comes, as does the simpler practice of Focusing, from Gendlin’s philosophy of experiencing. He discovered that real change occurs in therapy when clients are invited to directly experience an issue by bringing their attention inside themselves and to listen for a whole bodily felt sense of their situation.

When we take the time to listen to an issue we have with our whole body awareness something new can emerge and real change can occur.



Work with me

I use my contact with my own bodily felt sense in our work together to help you to make sense of your life situation from this deeper place in yourself.

In your sessions with me you will have an opportunity to work at depth, discovering and dissolving limiting core beliefs and patterns within the supportive context of a safe and confidential relationship. 

I work within the Person-Centred approach, which is informed by the understanding that each person is unique, and underlined by a profound faith in each individual’s innate capacity to heal from the inside out when met in a spirit of true respect and empathic valuing

In the course of my counselling with you I faced how much I had been carrying around with me for years and with your help I was able to make sense of it layer by layer. I feel so much clearer now and like a huge weight has been lifted off me. Thank you!

Client testimonial

There is no problem too great or too small to bring.

Whoever you are, whatever you are struggling with, you are welcome.


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Lucy van Praag, MA, is a Certified Counsellor and Focusing-Oriented Therapist trained in the Person-Centred Experiential approach. She offers one-to-one sessions for support with most issues focusing on people who experience the world sensitively and deeply.