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There is a healing power in being met by someone who can hold you in your wholeness… just as you are


CounsellingIf you are struggling in some way with the experience of being highly sensitive I can help you.

Healing from the inside out…

If you are highly sensitive or introvert by nature, your great strength is in your ability to feel and to go deep, finding your answers InsideThe way that I work honours this inward movement and my understanding that for highly sensitive or introverted people, we need to go inside before we can come out. 

Together, in one-to-one sessions with me, you will have the opportunity to explore

  • What being highly sensitive means for you.
  • How your own sensitivity works and the special qualities in that.
  • What your personal triggers are.
  • How to unfreeze the hurt places.
  • How to experience fresh ways of being and fresh ways of living that more truly reflect who you are and what you personally need in order to thrive.

Through this work you will have the opportunity to become rooted in a much deeper understanding of your own story, feeling strengthened by the knowledge that you CAN trust your highly attuned responses to life.

My greatest joy arises in the depth of this work when we are able to follow the flow of your experience in such a way that a healing direction emerges and, with it, the deeper truths that underpin those places where you have believed yourself to be less than you are.

Work with me

I bring my sensitivity in to our work together to help you to make sense of your life situation from this deeper place in yourself.

In your sessions with me you will have an opportunity to work at depth, within the supportive context of a safe and confidential relationship. 

I work within the Person-Centred approach, which is informed by the understanding that each person is unique, and underlined by a profound faith in each individual’s innate capacity to heal from the inside out when met in a spirit of true respect and empathic valuing

Areas of special interest: High sensitivity. Trauma. Identity. Belonging

Befriending the body

There is a special place in my work for the relationship between sensitivity and trauma and the body.

I am somatically trained, which means that I trust in the healing process that gets set in motion when we invite a deeper awareness of how your body is holding your story. All parts of you will have a valued place in our sessions. 

In my role of practitioner I am guided by your moment-to-moment experience

I offer both brief and longer term Counselling and Focusing-Oriented Therapy. I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, the BACP. My work is supervised in accordance with their ethical framework for good practise, by supervisors who are themselves accountable to the same regulating body.

The length of counselling can be discussed in our initial session and reviewed along the way at regular intervals. There is no time limit on the duration. The way I work reflects my understanding of and respect for the fact that everyone has their own unique life circumstances and their own specific needs.


I offer a Complimentary 50 minute Initial Consultation. To book yours click here 


In the course of my counselling with you I faced how much I had been carrying around with me for years and with your help I was able to make sense of it layer by layer. I feel so much clearer now and like a huge weight has been lifted off me. Thank you!
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Some of the many reasons that bring people to a course of Counselling and Focusing-Oriented Therapy with me

  • I am highly sensitive and I am feeling the need for some support from someone who has an understanding of what it means to be wired this way.
  • I am feeling lost and in need of some support in finding my own personal direction.
  • I am in a time of transition or immense change and I need some support to help me to ride the waves.
  • I am feeling the desire to engage in a course of Counselling for my own Personal Development
  • I am having troubling relationship issues and I would like some support to make sense of them.
  • I am suffering with my anxiety levels.
  • I am feeling in in the grip of a depression.
  • I am suffering from low self-esteem
  • I can’t stand up to someone/or to people generally and I keep getting hurt.
  • I have never fully recovered from a traumatic episode and I find it really hard to feel safe in the world
  • I had a difficult childhood and I find it really hard to believe in myself.
  • Bereavement