Counselling for the highly sensitive

“Sensitive. Deep. Life changing. From the word go you always helped me to get right to the heart of the matter. I would recommend you in a heart-beat to anyone in need of support in their lives.”
Client testimonial

I offer a safe space in which to explore
what being highly sensitive means for you.

There are different ways that we can become painfully sensitised. Each one of you will have your own story.

In the sessions that I offer there is the opportunity to explore this whole area and to honour deeply both the challenges and the gifts that come with this level of sensitivity.

Whilst each person’s experience is uniquely complex, there are certain recurring themes that often show up for those of us who experience life in this way. Many of us have always felt ‘different’ in some way. There is often something counter-cultural in our way of thinking. If you identify with this you may well know that this is not always an easy card to have been dealt, and how there can be some very painful questions that get thrown up regularly around worthiness and belonging.

I sometimes call these people ‘feelers’ because we are inevitably people whose main way of experiencing the world is through our bodily and emotionally felt responses to life.

If this is you I want you to know – I see you.

Perhaps you have isolated yourself to some degree in your life or in some way played small because of your highly sensitive nature, but now you long for the deep connections that you thrive on.

Without the understanding relationships that we need so badly many of us get caught in lives that don’t support us anywhere near fully and in the consequent cycles of creative blockages, anxiety, and depression that are natural symptoms of our unlived life.

Work with me: In our one-to-one sessions you will have the opportunity to experience

  • the healing power of being recognised and understood.

  • taking a fresh look at your own story through the lens of High Sensitivity.

  • the experience of how profoundly healing it is when you learn that you CAN trust your highly attuned responses to life.


My skill is in my capacity to meet you right where you are.

All one-to-one sessions are by phone and online.

I offer a Complimentary Initial Consultation. To book yours click here