Times and fees


My Fees per Individual session: 

  • Counselling and Focusing-Oriented Therapy for the highly sensitive: £85
  • Guided Focusing Sessions: £85

I offer sessions Online and by Phone.

Online sessions: I use a secure online platform called ZOOM. 

Phone sessions: If you are within the European Union there is no extra expense for working over the telephone  as I cover that cost, calling at our pre-arranged time.

Do let me know in your initial contact which of the above would be your preferred way to meet.

Times and Scheduling 

I offer regular daytime appointments.
Early morning appointments are available for people who want to have their session before their day gets going.

Counselling and Focusing-Oriented Therapy sessions are weekly and are one hour in length.

Focusing sessions are weekly and are one hour in length.

We will arrange a time to meet on a weekly basis and I will hold that space for you for the duration of the time we contract to work together. If you would prefer to meet more frequently, extra appointments can be arranged.