Times and fees


My Fees per Individual session: 

  • Counselling and Focusing-Oriented Therapy for the highly sensitive: £70
  • Guided Focusing Sessions: £70

I offer sessions Online and by Phone.

Online sessions: I use a secure online platform called ZOOM. 

Phone sessions: If you are within the European Union there is no extra expense for working over the telephone  as I cover that cost, calling at our pre-arranged time.

I do have a limited number of spaces with reduced rates for people on low incomes. Please don’t hesitate to inquire.

Times and Scheduling 

I offer regular daytime appointments. Some evening appointments may be available.
Early morning appointments are available for people who want to have their session before their day gets going.

Counselling and Focusing-Oriented Therapy sessions are weekly and are fifty minutes in length.

Focusing sessions are weekly and are fifty minutes in length.

We will arrange a time to meet on a weekly basis and I will hold that space for you for the duration of the time we contract to work together. If you would prefer to meet more frequently, extra appointments can be arranged.